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Infrastructure isn’t ready for BEV!

The inability of renewable energy to provide baseload power remains a challenge, although some solutions that are in the pipeline–like battery energy storage (BES) or hydrogen—are promising. 

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Renewable energy from aluminium – it’s possible!

When thinking about aluminium, most people would connect it with consumer electronics, plane or car parts, construction material or the ubiquitous aluminium can or foil. And for good reason, as these are among the most widespread uses of this recyclable and versatile metal. 

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Reserves vs Resources – The end of fossil fuels?

Do you remember headlines predicting the imminent end of fossil fuels?

Years later, the end of fossil fuels is still being predicted. We are half way through 2020 and there is still no end in sight for fossil fuels[1]. Without question, fossil fuels are finite, but why are accurate forecasts so hard to come by? And what does this mean for renewable energy?

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A Blockchain Platform That Validates Your Power’s Green Credentials

One big challenge for the renewable energy sector today is the traceability or identification of the generating asset power stream.

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Solar PV LCOE Breakdown

Over the past decade, costs trends within the renewable energy sector have been dramatically decreasing, making wind (as discussed in our post “Wind Energy LCOE Breakdown”) and solar two of the most competitive energy sources.