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COVID-19 – The financial crisis of 2008 was a piece of cake

The world has seen difficult financial times before, like the ‘Black Tuesday’ in 1929, which we all know as the ‘Great Crash of Wall Street’. Only 13 years ago, we were able to observe another crash originating in the USA but spreading all over the world to end in a global financial crisis. Yet we see ourselves heading towards the next crisis at a frightening pace, but surely, we should be prepared and have learned our lesson from mastered crisis’. 

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Wind – worth the breeze?

Sun is playing a significant part in the formation of winds, as suns thermal energy, through convection, heats earth’ surfaces. The differences in surface temperatures are causing the emergence of wind. Hence, as long as there is the sun, there will be wind. 


Electric cars will save the planet! Do they actually?

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) are well-established for being an environmentally friendly solution to achieve the ambitious climate goals of several governmental bodies all over the world, especially within the transport sector. Therefore, we decided to have a closer look at the emission balance of such cars in contrast to internal combustion engine vehicles (CEV).

Hydrogen Renewables

The time of Hydrogen is NOW

Earth’s most significant natural resource, capturing 75% of all baryonic mass, is hydrogen. Nonetheless, it has been overlooked for centuries, but what has changed in most recent years? – Hydrogen and the use of the dominant fuel in various sectors, mainly as a power source, is now part of many governmental and private industry policies and plans.

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Nuclear power as a renewable energy source

Renewable energy is one of the most discussed and argued topics nowadays, especially for those who believe in a human-made climate change and those who say humanity does not have enough influence to change the world’s climate. It is also seen as the only way to turn around climate change or at least to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial measurements. On the other hand, it is argued that creating a new business branch is the only entitlement of renewable energies.