Electrifying is a blog founded by Markus Dirnbacher & Michael Bürger to provide useful, critically looked at, and up to date content about the central subject renewable energy, including all different kinds of sustainable energy sources and thereof originating technologies and business opportunities, all with a scientific touch. The Co-Founding Team has always striven for excellence, that will not be any different with their latest project, this blog. 

Markus Dirnbacher

About Markus 

Co-Founder | Chief Editor

Why? This powerful question haunts me since I was a small toddler chasing a football across the pitch, always striving to be the fastest and best. Asking this very same question throughout my career at the university, several entrepreneurial engagements and currently as a Director of a solar operation and maintenance company led to people describing me as a hands-on problem solver never being shy of going the extra mile to find a solution. Undoubtedly, the world keeps secret in so many fascinating fields and will hold in check until someone will be able to remedy the “why”. Therefore, founding this blog is Michaels and my specific contribution of having not only a glimpse at complex issues but finding answers and solutions on open questions for both ourselves and you. 

Michael Bürger

About Michael

Co-Founder | Chief Editor

Others describe me as critical, analytical, efficient and sporty. Exuding these characteristics only describes part of who I am though. Growing up playing hockey, I learnt that dedication towards doing what you love is the most important thing to being successful, in not only sports but also personally and life as a whole. That dedication is still my daily companion. I have lived on three different continents, hence was able to experience and get to appreciate many different cultures and nationalities. With this adding to my love of finance and nature, studying International Economics and Business has been inevitable. I constantly look at everything with a critical eye, or two for that matter, questioning what I read and pick up, and, asked for or not, express my own opinion on the matters. Founding this blog together with a friend like Markus, provides the perfect environment to share my critics and passion as well as helping me surpass myself and grow personally. 

David Wagman

About David

Copy Editor

David Wagman is an editor and writer who focuses on topics related to energy, infrastructure and engineering. Based in the U.S. state of Colorado, he is a past marathon runner, but has since retired his trainers in favor of cycling and hiking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains above Denver. He holds a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning, and career milestones include time at FT Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Power Engineering magazine.