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Infrastructure isn’t ready for BEV!

The inability of renewable energy to provide baseload power remains a challenge, although some solutions that are in the pipeline–like battery energy storage (BES) or hydrogen—are promising. 

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Renewable energy from aluminium – it’s possible!

When thinking about aluminium, most people would connect it with consumer electronics, plane or car parts, construction material or the ubiquitous aluminium can or foil. And for good reason, as these are among the most widespread uses of this recyclable and versatile metal. 

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Renewable Baseload Energy (No, we aren’t talking about hydropower!)

The inability of renewable energy to provide baseload power remains a challenge with some smart solutions in the pipeline like battery energy storage (BES) or hydrogen.

Another option could be to take advantage of the second oldest energy source known to humanity – Geothermal Energy.

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Successful Energy Transition needs a Democratization in use of existing infrastructure

Isn’t it great how many private house owners had solar PV panels put onto their roofs do something against Climate Change? Getting the feeling of independence and self-sufficiency even enticed many to complement their installations with back-up batteries. Unfortunately, that sense for freedom often entices the same people to buy an SUV, still rarely equipped with an electric powertrain. 

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Think twice before you order excessively online!

Have you ever thought about your Amazon delivery in terms of carbon emissions? If you haven’t, then this article is a must read for you, as we have looked at your parcel’s CO2 footprint and far beyond.